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Read over the following to learn how to deal with a pest control problem on your own. Many people would look at squirrels and observe that they were cute and unobjectionable besides occasionally chewing up a plant here and there. So long as they stay outside these animals are generally harmless, but once they take up residence inside, then you have a serious problem. Did you know that these types of rodents could chew Ultrasonic Pest Control Presque Isle MI 49777 through electrical wiring in your attic and cause a house fire? An infestation of this type is not a joke and needs to be dealt with.

There are methods available for purchase to eradicate squirrels, so the only way to surmount the problem is by using humane traps. These are very effective when used properly, and should relieve you of your problem in no time.

The first step in ridding your home of these pests is Presque Isle MI 49777 pinpoint the location where the animals are getting into your house. The most common entrance that is used is a hole that has formed in the roof or the wood covering the rafters. Knowing exactly where the creatures are getting in is crucial and determines whether you will be able to solve your problem or not.

These are very agile animals and can climb and jump to get just about anywhere. Check to see for Rat Infestation Presque Isle MI 49777 any low hanging branches or other means that the pests could be using to gain access to your house. You will want to remove all access points, so be prepared to do a little tree trimming. In addition, pest control includes remove any food sources in your yard that could be attracting the animals. It is very likely the birdseed in your feeders is attracting them, so you may have to put the feeders Presque Isle MI 49777 away until your problem is dealt with.

Sealing the holes the rodents are using may be the first course of action you will want to take. However, do not make the mistake of sealing a squirrel family in the attic before you catch them. If they a stuck inside, they might start causing all sorts of additional damage, to try and escape. Also, if they die, they will stink up the house.

You can either rent Goodwin Pest Control Presque Isle MI 49777 or purchase wildlife traps that will not kill the animals. You may want to call a pest control specialist or wildlife expert for advice on where to obtain the traps and where to take the rodents once they are caught. The trapped rodents will need to be relocated several miles from your house, or they will surely find there way back.

Once the creatures have been dealt with, immediately go back and seal the holes Presque Isle MI 49777 they used to get in. No use in trapping them, only to allow other ones to move in and take their place. At the very minimum, you can use wire meshing to seal the breach.

This is a problem that is common enough for homeowners in heavily populated squirrel areas. It is also a very simple to combat without having to hire any professionals. If you are dealing with any other types of infestations, be Presque Isle MI 49777 sure and call a pest control specialist to assist you in ridding your home of unwanted creatures.



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