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Electronic Pest Control Odem TX 78370 is a full-service Pest Control & Management company that many people throughout Odem-land have come to rely on. Our highly skilled and trained specialists have the brains and braun to handle anything…from a BIG to small.

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When it comes to Rat Control and Electronic Pest Control Odem TX 78370 challenges, nearly every homeowner has seen a situation like this before. Your call will be answered by a trained customer service representative who will handle your request quickly and schedule service at your convenience. We’re highly recommended by local neighborhoods. We have won many Superior Service Awards and Recognitions over the years. Feel free to check out some of our testimonies from some of our many clients online.

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The problem of how to get rid of bed bugs has become so widespread in 21st-century America that The Journal of the American Medical Association published a report in 2009 which said that “transmission of more than 40 human diseases has been attributed to bed bugs” although actual evidence of transmissions is not clear. Even if bed bugs don’t spread hepatitis or AIDS, they can Flea Control Odem TX 78370 evoke feelings of shame and disgust.

Bed bugs are small wingless insects that feed solely upon the blood of warm-blooded animals, including your children sleeping peacefully and totally unaware of what is happening in their room. The New York Times reports that infestations have been on the rise in homes, apartments, hotel rooms, hospitals and dormitories in the United States.

The New York Times also says that “international travel, immigration, changes in pest control practices, and insecticide Odem TX 78370 resistance” have ganged up to create “a resurgence in developed countries,” including the United States. Reported infestations in San Francisco doubled in one year. There’s no way to know how many infestations never get reported.

Here Are 4 Things You Can Do Now

1. Thoroughly clean all the bed bug infested rooms by scrubbing infested surfaces with a stiff brush. Vacuum every crack and crevice. Remove the mattresses and dismantle the bed frames for cleaning. Remove and Termite Control Odem TX 78370 empty all drawers. Turn all furniture over for inspection and cleaning.

2. Cover all mattresses and box springs with special mattress bags.

3. Pull the headboard and bed frame away from the wall. Keep blankets and covers off the floor. Set the legs of the bed frame into cups or dishes of mineral oil.

4. Caulk and seal all holes where pipes or wires go through walls and floors. Fill all the cracks around the baseboards and molding.

You Odem TX 78370 may need professional help. Do not apply pesticides unless you fully understand what you are applying and the risks involved. Licensed bed bug exterminators are qualified to do that.

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