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Across the Nation, victims of Yard Mole Damage are constantly searching for an alternative to the high costs and low success rates associated with pest exterminators ridding your lawn of Mole infestation-and, alternatives are certainly a great idea! After all, pest extermination of Moles is very expensive and, more often than not, grossly ineffective! However, being so unfamiliar with alternatives to mole extermination, people tend to go Pantry Pests Two Rivers WI 54241 on the hunt, looking for powerful and often dangerous chemicals–as though there is some well-kept secret cocktail of poisons to help them end the ever-lasting problem of mole damage in their lawn.

To often, this becomes like searching for the Holy Grail-and normally, just as unproductive. This is not only a dangerous task of applying poisons and chemicals, but is often like skating up an icy hill as Two Rivers WI 54241 well!

The sad part of this search is that it generally results in a Trial-&-Error method of adding chemical after chemical after chemical to your soil, until you end up terribly over-poisoning your lawn. Ironically, many of these methods can substantially worsen your yard’s mole pest problems rather than improving them.

Since chemicals can drastically contribute to (rather than solve) Mole Infestation, you should consider some very useful natural Ultrasonic Pest Control Two Rivers WI 54241 alternatives. In this age of organics and going green, the natural way can actually be the best way to prevent Mole Infestation in your lawn!

For example:

o Help yourself out! Stop Bagging: Bagging your grass clippings is like siphoning your soil’s nutrients from your lawn. The grass is using your soil’s nutrients, converting those nutrients into plant material, then that plant material is supposed to convert back into Aid Pest Control Two Rivers WI 54241 soil. Removing the clippings is simply removing the nutrients that were intended to decompose and re-enter the soil’s cycle. To compensate for this loss, we tend to fertilize. Therefore, mulching is an obvious first step.

o Stop using chemical Fertilizer, Herbicides and Pesticides: Your grass has evolved for billions of years without a lawn service. But, suddenly, many believe that the key to a greener lawn are expensive Two Rivers WI 54241 chemicals? Of course not! Your soil simply wants decomposed organic plant matter-that’s it! It’s easy to do this on your own. Including Mulching your grass when you mow, keep organic material from your home (unused milk, pasta & sauce, coffee & grounds, egg shells, etc). Just turn these into your soil and let your soil’s biology do its work.

o Water your grass often: Letting your soil dry Two Rivers WI 54241 out in the summer months damages your grass root system and worsens your soil’s biological balance-making it more susceptible to pest infestation.

o Grow your grass a little higher: Higher grass can mean deeper roots. And deeper roots can make it harder for some pesky yard pests, like moles, to tolerate your lawn-encouraging them to move on to soil that’s better suited to their needs.

Keeping your yard Mole Two Rivers WI 54241 Free on your own can be done. It can simply be a matter of enhancing your lawn’s ability to fight mole infestation naturally, rather than soaking it with a dangerous cocktail of chemicals. Removing these chemicals from your arsenal in the fight against Mole Pest Infestation allows your lawn to be all natural can make your lawn less attractive to Moles (relative to your neighbors chemically treated Two Rivers WI 54241 lawn) and make you the Mole Free neighbor.

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